Power BI Connector for Microsoft Excel Online

Build 23.0.8839


Workbooks as Tables

The 本製品 models the worksheets and ranges in your workbooks as bidirectional tables. When you connect, the 本製品 retrieves the metadata from Microsoft Excel Online and reflects any changes to the table schemas.

See the Getting Started section for quickstarts to executing SQL to the tables. This section provides additional details on the 本製品 behavior.


This section provides more detail about how the 本製品 models the テーブル. See カラム for details about column discovery.

Stored Procedures

In addition to working with the data in the workbook, you can use the available stored procedures to access functionality in the Microsoft Excel Online API that is not modeled as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements; for example, the AddWorksheet stored procedure.

System Tables

Query the available システムテーブル to access the available 本製品 metadata, including schema information.

Best Practices

1) If you currently have many workbooks or sheets in your account, it may take a long time to initially retrieve all the data. You may shorten this time by adding the Workbook connection property to your connection string.

2) If you will be running a SELECT operation after INSERT or BATCH INSERT then make sure to wait 3-5 seconds before running it. The API takes a few seconds to register all the data you're adding to the database, so waiting is required to avoid partial results.

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Build 23.0.8839