Cmdlets for SAP Concur

Build 23.0.8839

Data Model

The cmdlet models the Travel/Itinerary API and the Expense API as a relational database, enabling access to Tables and Views like Reports, Entries, and Attendees. Stored Procedures are function-like interfaces to the data source. They can be used to search, update, and modify information in the data source -- for example, CancelTrip.

Customizing Schemas

The database objects are defined in schema files, which are simple, text-based configuration files that make schemas easy to customize and extend.

By default the schemas are located in the db subfolder of the installation directory. Set the Location to use a different folder. Call the CreateSchema stored procedure to save a schema file.

Using Query Processing

The cmdlet offloads as much of the SELECT statement processing as possible to the SAP Concur APIs and then processes the rest of the query within the cmdlet. The following sections document API limitations and requirements.

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Build 23.0.8839