Cmdlets for SAP Concur

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Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are function-like interfaces that extend the functionality of the cmdlet beyond simple SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operations with SAP Concur.

Stored procedures accept a list of parameters, perform their intended function, and then return any relevant response data from SAP Concur, along with an indication of whether the procedure succeeded or failed.

CData Cmdlets PowerShell Module for SAP Concur Stored Procedures

Name Description
CancelTrip Cancel the specified trip.
CreateExceptionToReport Posts an exception to the report and associates it with one of the following data levels: Report Header, Entry, Itemization, Allocation.
CreateSchema Creates a schema file for the specified table or view. To connect to custom schemas, set Location to the path to the schema files.
CreateTripFromFile Create a new trip from an XML file.
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets the OAuth access token from Concur.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets the Concur authorization URL. Access the URL returned in the output in a Web browser. This requests the access token that can be used as part of the connection string to Concur.
PostExpenseReportWorkFlowAction Posts a workflow action for the supplied expense report. The workflow action moves the expense report through the workflow process.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Refreshes the OAuth access token used for authentication with Concur.
SubmitExpenseReport Submits an expense report.
SubscribeToCompanyNotifications Subscribe from the specified notification type, or all notifications.
UnsubscribeFromCompanyNotifications Unsubscribe from the specified notification type, or all notifications.
UpdateTripApprovalStatus Update the approval status for the specified trip.
UpdateTripFromFile Use an XML file to update the specified trip.
UploadReceiptImage Upload an image for a receipt. Note that the server does not support all image file formats and size restrictions might apply.

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Build 23.0.8839