JDBC Driver for Cloudant

Build 22.0.8462


Option for how the provider will scan the data to determine the fields and data types in each document collection.

Data Type


Default Value



Since Cloudant is schemaless, the columns in a table must be determined by scanning table rows. Set TypeDetectionScheme to toggle the automatic discovery of data types. Set RowScanDepth to configure type detection.

NoneSetting TypeDetectionScheme to None will return all columns as a string type.
RowScanSetting TypeDetectionScheme to RowScan will scan rows to heuristically determine the data type. The RowScanDepth property determines the number of rows to be scanned.

See Also

Type detection is part of Automatic Schema Discovery. Set FlattenArrays and FlattenObjects to configure how the driver projects columns over the hierarchical data.

You can fine-tune the discovered columns and data types by calling CreateSchema to generate a schema file. Schema files have a simple format that makes it easy to change column behavior.

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Build 22.0.8462