JDBC Driver for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Build 23.0.8839


The response data for leads that filled out a form within the last 90 days. Older responses are not included.

Note: This view is unavailable when authenticating with the embedded OAuth app. Create a custom app with the required r_ads_leadgen_automation scope (see カスタムOAuth アプリケーションの作成) to access it.


Name Type Description
Id String URN identifying the ad form response.
Account String The URN which describes which account the response is generated under.
Campaign String URN identifying the campaign to which the form response is responding.
Creative String URN identifying the creative to which the form response is responding.
Form String URN identifying which form this response responds to.
SubmitedAt Datetime The time when the form response was submitted.
LeadType String Type of the lead. This field indicates whether the lead is collected from sponsored content or viral share. Defaults to SPONSORED.
TestLead Boolean Whether the lead is a test lead
ConsentResponses String A JSON object containing all the consent responses.
Answers String A JSON object containing all the answers and the respective questions.

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Build 23.0.8839