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Build 23.0.8804


The api:try and api:catch keywords are used to create an exception-handling block in a script. If any keyword inside the api:try body throws an APIException, the component will look for a matching api:catch keyword inside the same scope and will execute the catch body.



Control Attributes



Throw and catch an exception. Inside the scope of the keyword, api:ecode and api:emessage attributes are added to the current item and pushed out.

<api:call op="...">
    <api:throw code="myerror" description="thedescription" details="Other Details."/>
    <api:catch code="myerror">
      <api:set attr="api:ecode" value="[_code]"/>
      <api:set attr="api:emessage" value="[_description]: [_details]"/>

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Build 23.0.8804