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The api:setc keyword enables you to add static text without escaping the special characters in API Script, such as square brackets. While special characters can be escaped with a backslash, this keyword provides a shortcut. For example, this keyword can be used to easily set an XPath.


  • item: The item in which to set the attribute.
  • attr: The name of the attribute.
  • value: The value to be assigned to the attribute. If this parameter is not provided, the entire body of the api:setc keyword is used as the value. This is convenient for setting long or multiline values.
  • copyfrom: The attributes from the item specified in this parameter are copied to the item specified by the item parameter.

Control Attributes



Set an unescaped XPath:

<api:setc attr="xpath" value="/root/book[1]/@name" />

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Build 23.0.8804