FireDAC Components for REST

Build 23.0.8804


The api:push keyword pushes an item into the output feed of the script. If there are no api:push elements in your script, no output items will result from it.


  • item: The item to push into the feed. If not present, the item at the top of the stack will be pushed.
  • title: The title for the feed item.
  • desc[ription]: The description for the feed item. If none is provided, the scope of the api:push keyword will be used as the value of this attribute. The scope of the api:push keyword may contain other keywords, HTML tags, etc. Everything is evaluated as a template and is used to set the description.
  • op: The name of the operation to call and then push the resulting items. For example:
      <api:push op="myOp"/>    

    This is a shorthand for the following:

    <api:call op="myOp">

  • enc[oding]: The encoding of the description. By default, the component pushes the description as escaped XML. You can choose to encode the description as CDATA to include unescaped XML by setting this parameter to "cdata".

Control Attributes



Create a description for each item pushed out. The description is the text within the scope of the api:push keyword, shown below:
<api:call op="fileListDir?mask=*.log">
    The .log file contains details about the transmission, including any error messages.

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Build 23.0.8804