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The api:exists keyword checks that an attribute has a value in the specified item. The api:notnull keyword is a synonym for api:exists.


  • item: The item to check. If not specified, the default output item is used.
  • attr: The name of the attribute to check.
  • action: The action to perform if the expression evaluates to true. Allowed values: break, continue.

Control Attributes



Define missing title attributes for a feed of files:
<api:call op="fileListDir" output="out">
  <api:exists attr="filename">
    <api:set attr="title" value="[filename]"/>
      <api:set attr="title" value="Unnamed File"/>
  <api:push title="[title]">

See Also

  • api:else: Create a block which is executed if the condition is not satisfied.

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Build 23.0.8804