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The api:break keyword can be used to break out of iterations of api:call or api:enum. It can also be used to break out of the entire script if it is used outside the scope of any other API Script keywords.



Control Attributes



Break out of api:enum. The example below lists the first two attributes of the item foo:

<api:set attr="foo.attr1" value="value1"/>
<api:set attr="foo.attr2" value="value2"/>
<api:set attr="foo.attr3" value="value3"/>

<api:enum item="foo">
[_index]: [_attr] has the value [_value]. 
<api:equals attr="_index" value="2"> 

See Also

  • api:continue: Continue to the next item.
  • api:enum: Loop over the values of an item, list, range, or multivalued attribute.
  • api:call: Loop over items returned by an operation.

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Build 23.0.8804