FireDAC Components for REST

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This section provides a complete list of the JSON and XML properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

XPathThe XPath of an element that repeats at the same height within the XML/JSON document (used to split the document into multiple rows).
DataModelSpecifies the data model to use when parsing XML/JSON documents and generating the database metadata.
JSONFormatSpecifies the format of the JSON document. Only has an effect when Format is set to JSON.
XMLFormatSpecifies the format of the XML document.
FlattenArraysBy default, nested arrays are returned as strings of XML/JSON. The FlattenArrays property can be used to flatten the elements of nested arrays into columns of their own. Set FlattenArrays to the number of elements you want to return from nested arrays.
FlattenObjectsSet FlattenObjects to true to flatten object properties into columns of their own. Otherwise, objects nested in arrays are returned as strings of XML/JSON.
BackwardsCompatibilityModeSet BackwardsCompatibilityMode to true to use the XML/JSON functionality and features available in the 2017 version.
QualifyColumnsControls whether the provider will use relative column names.
URISeparatorA delimiter used to separate different values in the URI property.

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Build 23.0.8804