ODBC Driver for HubSpot

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieves the contacts in a given list in HubSpot. New contacts may be added to the list or removed from it. A ListId must be specified to retrieve the current contacts in the list.

Table Specific Information

Contacts in a given list can be selected, inserted, and removed from that list using this table.


When selecting from ContactsInList, the ListId must be specified in order to retrieve any results. For example:

SELECT * FROM ContactsInList WHERE ListId = '123456789'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
VID [KEY] Long False

The unique id for the contact.

ListId [KEY] Long False

The list id the contact is a part of.

CanonicalVid Long True

The cannonical vid associated with the contact.

ProfileToken String True

A token for the profile of the contact.

ProfileUrl String True

A url to the profile of the contact.

IdentityProfilesAggregate String True

An aggregate of identities associated with this contact if any.

FormSubmissionsAggregate String True

An aggregate of forms submitted by this contact if any.

MergeAuditsAggregate String True

An aggregate of merged audits associated with this contact.

MergedVidsAggregate String True

An aggregate of merged vids associated with this contact.

OtherProperties String True

Other properties about the contact will dynamically obtained at runtime and will vary depending on the contact properties specific to your HubSpot HUB.

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Build 23.0.8839