JDBC Driver for Jira

Build 23.0.8839


Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views are read-only.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table.

CData JDBC Driver for Jira Views

Name Description
AdvancedSettings Query the application properties that are accessible on the Advanced Settings page.
ApplicationRoles Query all application roles. In Jira, application roles are managed using the Application access configuration page.
Audit Query the audit log of your Jira account.
BoardConfiguration Query the agile Board Configuration in Jira.
BoardIssues Query the agile Board Issues in Jira.
BoardSprints Query the agile Sprints related to a Jira Board.
Configuration Query the available Configurations in Jira.
Dashboards Query the available Dashboards in Jira.
Epics Query all the Epics.
FavouriteFilters Query the favourite Filters in Jira.
Fields Query the available System and Custom Fields in Jira.
Filters Query the set up Filters in Jira. This table is not available in Jira Server.
Groups Query the available Groups in Jira.
IssueAffectedVersions Query the Affected Versions of an issue in Jira.
IssueChangelogs Query the available IssueChangelogs in Jira.
IssueComponents Query the available IssueComponents in Jira.
IssueCustomFieldOptions Query Issue Custom Field Options in Jira. This resource is not available in Jira Server or when using OAuth authentication. Specifying at least CUSTOMFIELDID, or ID is required.
IssueCustomFields Query the available Custom Fields in Jira.
IssueFixVersions Query the available IssueFixVersions in Jira.
IssueLinks Query the available IssueLinks in Jira.
IssueLinkTypes Lists all the issue link types.
IssueNavigatorDefaultColumns Query the default issue navigator columns.
IssuePriorities Query the list of all issue priorities.
IssueResolutions Query the list of all issue resolution values.
IssueSubtasks Query the available IssueSubtasks in Jira.
IssueTransitions Query the available IssueTransitions in Jira.
MyPermissions Query the available Permissions of the current user in Jira.
Permissions Query the available Permissions in Jira.
ProjectCategories Query all the project categories.
ProjectRoles Query roles for all projects in Jira.
ProjectsIssueTypes Query the available Issue Types of projects.
ProjectTypes Query the list of all issue priorities.
SecurityLevels Query all the created security levels.
SecuritySchemes Query all the created security schemes.
SprintIssues Query the agile Sprint Issues in Jira.
Statuses Query the possible Statuses in Jira.
TimeTrackingProviders Query the list of all time tracking providers.
Votes Query the available Votes in Jira.
Watchers Query the available Watchers in Jira.
WorkflowStatusCategories Query the list of all status categories.
WorkflowStatuses Query the list of all statuses associated with workflows.
WorklogDeleted Queries the deleted worklogs in your Jira account.

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Build 23.0.8839