JDBC Driver for Jira

Build 23.0.8839


Query the set up Filters in Jira. This table is not available in Jira Server.

Table Specific Information


The driver uses the Jira API to process some of the filters.

The driver processes other filters within the driver.

Retrieve all filters:

SELECT * FROM Filters 

By specifying the Id of a certain filter:

SELECT * FROM Filters WHERE Id = 10001 


Name Type References SupportedOperators Platform Description
Id [KEY] Integer = Cloud The Id of the filter.
Name String Cloud The name assigned to the filter.
JQLExpression String Cloud The JQL by which the filter will search issues by.
Description String Cloud The description given to the filter.
OwnerDisplayName String = Cloud The board Id the sprint originated from.
Favourite Boolean Cloud Whether you have set this filter as a favourite.
FavouritedCount Integer Cloud How many users have this filter as a favourite.
SubscriptionsAggregate String Cloud Collection of user subscriptions to the filter .
SharePermissionsAggregate String Cloud Aggregate of share permissions to the filter.

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Build 23.0.8839