MuleSoft Connector for SASDataSets

Build 21.0.7940

Using the Connector (Mule 3.8+)

The CData MuleSoft Connector for SASDataSets is a native, operation-based connector that exposes SQL-based operations as well as interfaces for schema discovery.

Invoking Data Manipulation Operations

Querying Data and Updating Data show how to execute SQL to SAS Data Sets tables.

Executing Parameterized and Dynamic Queries

You can use MEL (MuleSoft expression language) to create both parameterized queries and dynamic queries. The connector executes parameterized queries by default. See Parameterized Queries for configuration and usage of the different query types.

Batching Requests

With the connector's Batch Processing feature, you can use the Bulk Execute operation to combine multiple updates into a single SAS Data Sets request.

Calling Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures operations enable you to access additional functionality in the SAS Data Sets APIs.

Discovering Metadata

The connector's List operations provide access to table and column information. See Schema Discovery for more information.

You can also use query the System Tables to retrieve any of the connector metadata, which includes data source information and query statistics in addition to schema information.

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Build 21.0.7940