MuleSoft Connector for SASDataSets

Build 21.0.7940

Getting Started

Connecting from Anypoint Studio

The CData MuleSoft Connector for SASDataSets allows you to easily integrate with SAS Data Sets from your Mule applications in Anypoint Studio through an SQL interface.

Connecting to SAS Data Sets

After Installation in AnyPoint Studio, see Establishing a Connection to configure the CData MuleSoft Connector for SASDataSets in a message flow.

SAS Data Sets Version Support

The connector models SASDataSets instances as relational databases and supports SASDataSets version ?. The connector leverages the SASDataSets API, including the SASDataSets aggregation framework, to enable bidirectional SQL access to SASDataSets data. See the NoSQL Database chapter for SQL-to-SASDataSets query mappings and more information about accessing unstructured data in SASDataSets through SQL.

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Build 21.0.7940