MuleSoft Connector for SASDataSets

Build 21.0.7940

Parameterized Queries

You can use Dataweave to build parameterized queries and dynamic queries. The following sections provide more information on executing and configuring the parameters in the standard visual editor and in the XML directly.

Configuring Parameterized Queries

In the SQL query box, enter the query you want to use with the parameterized values prefixed with the ':' character. For example:

SELECT * FROM Account WHERE Industry = :Industry

In the Input Parameters box, set the key value pair for the parameter and value via a DataWeave script:

output application/json
  "Industry": payload

XML Editor

The XML below corresponds to the same parameterized query demonstrated above:

<cdata-SASDataSets:select config-ref="CData_SASDataSets_Configuration" query="SELECT * FROM Account WHERE Industry = :Industry" doc:name="CData SASDataSets"/>
<cdata-SASDataSets:input-parameters ><![CDATA[#[output application/json --- { "Industry": payload }]]]></cdata-SASDataSets:input-parameters>

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Build 21.0.7940