Excel Add-In for WooCommerce

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve system status items.

Table Specific Information


This table represents a singleton entity.


Name Type Description
ActivePluginsAggregate String Active plugins.
PagesAggregate String WooCommerce pages.
EnvironmentHomeUrl String Home URL.
EnvironmentSiteUrl String Site URL.
EnvironmentWcVersion String WooCommerce version.
EnvironmentLogDirectory String Log directory.
EnvironmentLogDirectoryWritable Boolean Is log directory writable? read-only
EnvironmentWpVersion String WordPress version.
EnvironmentWpMultisite Boolean Is WordPress multisite? read-only
EnvironmentWpMemoryLimit Integer WordPress memory limit.
EnvironmentWpDebugMode Boolean Is WordPress debug mode active? read-only
EnvironmentWpCron Boolean Are WordPress cron jobs enabled? read-only
EnvironmentLanguage String WordPress language.
EnvironmentServerInfo String Server info.
EnvironmentPhpVersion String PHP version.
EnvironmentPhpPostMaxSize Integer PHP post max size.
EnvironmentPhpMaxExecutionTime Integer PHP max execution time.
EnvironmentPhpMaxInputVars Integer PHP max input vars.
EnvironmentCurlVersion String cURL version.
EnvironmentSuhosinInstalled Boolean Is SUHOSIN installed? read-only
EnvironmentMaxUploadSize Integer Max upload size.
EnvironmentMysqlVersion String MySQL version.
EnvironmentDefaultTimezone String Default timezone.
EnvironmentFsockopenOrCurlEnabled Boolean Is fsockopen/cURL enabled? read-only
EnvironmentSoapclientEnabled Boolean Is SoapClient class enabled? read-only
EnvironmentDomdocumentEnabled Boolean Is DomDocument class enabled? read-only
EnvironmentGzipEnabled Boolean Is GZip enabled? read-only
EnvironmentMbstringEnabled Boolean Is mbstring enabled? read-only
EnvironmentRemotePostSuccessful Boolean Remote POST successful? read-only
EnvironmentRemotePostResponse String Remote POST response.
EnvironmentRemoteGetSuccessful Boolean Remote GET successful? read-only
EnvironmentRemoteGetResponse String Remote GET response.
DatabaseWcDatabaseVersion String WC database version.
DatabasePrefix String Database prefix.
DatabaseMaxmindGeoipDatabase String MaxMind GeoIP database.
DatabaseTablesAggregate String Database tables.
ThemeName String Theme name.
ThemeVersion String Theme version.
ThemeVersionLatest String Latest version of theme.
ThemeAuthorUrl String Theme author URL.
ThemeIsChildTheme Boolean Is this theme a child theme? read-only
ThemeHasWoocommerceSupport Boolean Does the theme declare WooCommerce support? read-only
ThemeHasWoocommerceFile Boolean Does the theme have a woocommerce.php file? read-only
ThemeHasOutdatedTemplates Boolean Does this theme have outdated templates? read-only
ThemeOverridesAggregate String Template overrides.
ThemeParentName String Parent theme name.
ThemeParentVersion String Parent theme version.
ThemeParentAuthorUrl String Parent theme author URL.
SettingsApiEnabled Boolean REST API enabled? read-only
SettingsForceSsl Boolean SSL forced? read-only
SettingsCurrency String Currency.
SettingsCurrencySymbol String Currency symbol.
SettingsCurrencyPosition String Currency position.
SettingsThousandSeparator String Thousand separator.
SettingsDecimalSeparator String Decimal separator.
SettingsNumberOfDecimals Integer Number of decimals.
SettingsGeolocationEnabled Boolean Geolocation enabled? read-only
SettingsTaxonomiesAggregate String Taxonomy terms for product/order statuses.
SecuritySecureConnection Boolean Is the connection to your store secure? read-only
SecurityHideErrors Boolean Hide errors from visitors? read-only

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Build 23.0.8839