Excel Add-In for WooCommerce

Build 23.0.8839

Data Model


This section shows the available API objects and provides more information on executing SQL to WooCommerce APIs.

Key Features

  • The add-in models WooCommerce entities like orders, customers, and products as relational tables and views, allowing you to write SQL to query WooCommerce data.
  • Stored procedures allow you to execute operations to WooCommerce, including running system tools and updating the available locations for a given shipping zone.
  • Live connectivity to these objects means any changes to your WooCommerce account are immediately reflected when using the add-in.


Pre-defined Tables and Views are available for read or write access to data from WooCommerce.

Stored Procedures

The add-in allows you to run WooCommerce tools and update locations for a given shipping zone via Stored Procedures.

System Tables

System Tables contains information about the objects and resources belonging to your database.

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Build 23.0.8839