Tableau Connector for SAP ByDesign

Build 21.0.7930

Configuring a Connection

The connector comes with a connection builder which allows you to build and test your connection settings outside of Tableau. It also allows you to create a connection string, which can be used to provide options not listed in the connection dialog in Tableau.

Configuring a Connection Builder

There are two ways to access the connection builder:

  • On Windows, there will be a shortcut called Connection Builder in the start menu, under the CData SAP ByDesign Tableau Data Connector folder.
  • The connection builder can also be started by going to the driver install directory and running the .jar file in the lib directory.

In the connection builder, you can set values for connection properties and click the Test Connection button to validate that they work. You can also use the Copy to Clipboard button to save the connection string for use with Tableau.

This section documents how to provide authentication for your account type and then connect.

Authenticate a SAPByDesign Account

Set the following connection properties to connect to SAP ByDesign.

  • Url: Set this to the Url of your SAP ByDesign site. For example, If none of CustomService and AnalyticsService are specified, the URL must point to a valid data service. For example:
  • User: Set this to the username of your account.
  • Password: Set this to the password of your account.
  • CustomService or AnalyticsService: Only none or one of these must be specified. If you have a custom service you want to retrieve data from, specify CustomService. If you want to retrieve the reports of a analytical service, specify AnalyticsService.
    If neither is specified, the DataSources from the specified URL will be retrieved. If you're not sure what service to specify, you can always query the Services view to list available services.

Add a new custom ODATA service

  • In the SAP ByDesign work center view, click on "Application and User Management".
  • Select "OData Services".
  • In the dropdown list, select "Custom OData Services".
  • Now you should see a list of your current custom services. To add a new one click on "New".

Next Step

See Getting Data for the next step, which includes authenticating to the SAP ByDesign APIs.

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