ODBC Driver for Wasabi

Build 21.0.7930

Advanced Features

This section details a selection of advanced features of the driver

User Defined Views

The driver allows you to define virtual tables whose contents are decided by a pre-configured query. See User Defined Views for an overview of creating and configuring custom views.

SSL Configuration

Use SSL Configuration to adjust how certificate negotiations are handled by the driver. You can specify a specific certificate for use in SSL.

Firewall and Proxy

Configure the driver for compliance with Firewall and Proxy, including Windows proxies and HTTP proxies. You can also set up tunnel connections.

Linked Server

The driver can create a Linked Server an execute linked server queries.

SQL Gateway

The SQL Gateway enables remote access to ODBC data sources as virtual SQL Server or MySQL databases.

Caching Data

Caching Data enables faster access to data and reduces the number of API calls, improving performance. You can cache automatically or explicitly.


See Logging for an overview of configuration settings that can be used to refine CData logging.

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Build 21.0.7930