TDV Adapter for Trello

Build 21.0.8137


Lists preferences of the boards.


Name Type Description
OrganizationId [KEY] String The Id of the Organization.
OrganizationName String The Name of the Board.
PermissionLevel String Permission level of the board (private, organization, public).
ExternalMembersDisabled Boolean Whether non-team members can be added to boards inside the team
AssociatedDomain String The domain associated with the organization.
GoogleAppsVersion Int Google application version.
BoardVisibilityRestrictPrivate String Who can make private boards. One of: admin, none, org
BoardVisibilityRestrictOrg String Who on the team can make team visible boards. One of admin, none, org
BoardVisibilityRestrictPublic String Who on the team can make public boards. One of: admin, none, org

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Build 21.0.8137