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Get analytics for the ad groups in the specified AdAccountId

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 will use the Pinterest API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品.

  • AdAccountId supports the '=' operator.
  • AdGroupId supports the '=,IN' operator.
  • StartDate supports the '=' operator.
  • EndDate supports the '=' operator.
  • Granularity supports the '=' operator.
  • ClickWindowDays supports the '=' operator.
  • EngagementWindowDays supports the '=' operator.
  • ViewWindowDays supports the '=' operator.
  • ConversionReportTime supports the '=' operator.
For example:
	SELECT * FROM AdGroupAnalytics WHERE AdAccountId = '3457832451' AND AdGroupId = '3457862457'


Name Type References Description
AdGroupId String


Id of the ad group.
AdAccountId String


Id of the ad account.
Date Date Date the analytics row covers.
CampaignEntityStatus String Status of the campaign.
AdGroupEntityStatus String Status of the ad group.
SpendInDollar Double Total spend in dollars.
EcpcInDollar Double Ecpc in dollars.
Ctr Double Ctr.
Ectr Double Ectr.
EcpeInDollar Double Ecpe in Dollars.
EngagementRate Double The engagement rate.
EengagementRate Double E Engagement rate.
RepinRate Double The repin rate.
Ctr2 Double Ctr2
CpmInDollar Double Cpm in Dollars.
WebCheckoutCostPerAction Double Web checkout cost per action.
WebCheckoutRoas Double Web checkout roas
PageVisitCostPerAction Double Page visit cost per action.
PageVisitRoas Double Page visit roas.
CheckoutRoas Double Checkout roas.
Video3secViews2 Integer Videos with at least 3 seconds of viewing.
VideoP100Complete2 Integer Videos 100 percent complete
VideoP0Combined2 Integer Videos 0 percent combined viewed.
VideoP25Combined2 Integer Videos 25 percent combined viewed.
VideoP50Combined2 Integer Video 50 percent combined viewed.
VideoP75Combined2 Integer Video 75 percent combined viewed.
VideoP95Combined2 Integer Video 95 percent combined viewed.
VideoMrcViews2 Integer Video Mrc Views.
EcpvInDollar Double Ecpv in dollars.
EcpcvInDollar Double E Cpcv in Dollars
EcpcvP95InDollar Double E Cpcv 95 percent in Dollars.
TotalClickthrough Integer Total Clickthrough.
TotalImpressionFrequency Double Total Impression Frequency.
TotalEngagementSignup Integer Total Engagement Signup.
TotalEngagementCheckout Integer Total Engagement Checkout.
TotalClickSignup Integer Total Click Signup.
TotalClickCheckout Integer Total Click Checkout.
TotalViewSignup Integer Total View Signup.
TotalViewCheckout Integer Total View Checkout.
TotalConversions Integer Total Conversions.
TotalEngagementSignupValueInMicroDollar Double Total Engagement Signup Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalEngagementCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Engagement Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalClickSignupValueInMicroDollar Double Total Click Signup Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalClickCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Click Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalViewSignupValueInMicroDollar Double Total View Signup Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalViewCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total View Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalPageVisit Integer Total Page Visit.
TotalSignup Integer Total Signup.
TotalCheckout Integer Total Checkout.
TotalSignupValueInMicroDollar Double Total Signup Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalVideo3secViews Integer Total Video 3 second Views.
TotalVideoP100Complete Integer Total Video 100 percent Complete.
TotalVideoP0Combined Integer Total Video 0 percent Combined.
TotalVideoP25Combined Integer Total Video 25 percent Combined.
TotalVideoP50Combined Integer Total Video 50 percent Combined.
TotalVideoP75Combined Integer Total Video 75 percent Combined.
TotalVideoP95Combined Integer Total Video 95 percent Combined.
TotalVideoMrcViews Integer Total Video Mrc Views.
TotalVideoAvgWatchtimeInSecond Integer Total Video Avg Watchtime In Seconds.
TotalRepinRate Double Total Repin Rate.
TotalWebCheckout Integer Total Web Checkout.
TotalWebCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Web Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalWebClickCheckout Integer Total Web Click Checkout.
TotalWebClickCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Web Click Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalWebEngagementCheckout Integer Total Web Engagement Checkout.
TotalWebEngagementCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Web Engagement Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
TotalWebViewCheckout Integer Total Web View Checkout.
TotalWebViewCheckoutValueInMicroDollar Double Total Web View Checkout Value In Micro Dollar.
Clickthrough1 Integer Clickthrough1.
Clickthrough1Gross Integer Clickthrough1 Gross.
Impression1 Integer Impression1.
Impression1Gross Integer Impression1 Gross.
Impression2 Integer Impression2.
TotalImpressionUser Integer Total ImpressionUser.
CampaignDailySpendCap Integer Campaign Daily Spend Cap.
CampaignLifetimeSpendCap Integer Campaign Lifetime Spend Cap.
Clickthrough2 Integer Clickthrough2.
CpcInMicroDollar Double Cpc In MicroDollar.
CpmInMicroDollar Double Cpm In MicroDollar.
EcpcInMicroDollar Double Ecpc In MicroDollar.
EcpmInMicroDollar Double Ecpm In MicroDollar.
Engagement1 Integer Engagement1.
Engagement2 Integer Engagement2.
IdeaPinProductTagVisit1 Integer Idea Pin Product Tag Visit1.
IdeaPinProductTagVisit2 Integer Idea Pin Product Tag Visit2.
InAppCheckoutCostPerAction Double In App Checkout Cost Per Action.
OutboundClick1 Integer Outboundclick1.
OutboundClick2 Integer Outboundclick2.
PaidImpression Integer PaidImpression.
Repin1 Integer Repin1.
Repin2 Integer Repin2.
SpendInMicroDollar Double Spend In MicroDollar.
TotalClickAddToCart Integer Total Click Add To Cart.
TotalClickLead Integer Total ClickLead.
TotalCustom Integer Total Custom.
TotalEngagement Integer Total Engagement.
TotalEngagementLead Integer Total Engagement Lead.
TotalIdeaPinProductTagVisit Integer Total Idea Pin Product Tag Visit.
TotalLead Integer Total Lead.
TotalOfflineCheckout Integer Total Offline Checkout.
TotalViewAddToCart Integer Total View Add To Cart.
TotalViewLead Integer Total View Lead.
TotalWebSessions Integer Total Web Sessions.
VideoLength Integer VideoLength.
WebSessions1 Integer WebSessions1.
WebSessions2 Integer WebSessions2.
AdId String


Id of the Ad.
CampaignId String


Id of the Campaign.
StartDate Date Metric report start date.
EndDate Date Metric report end date.
Granularity String Granularity

使用できる値は次のとおりです。TOTAL, DAY, HOUR, WEEK, MONTH


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
ClickWindowDays Integer Number of days to use as the conversion attribution window for a pin click action.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。1, 7, 30, 60

EngagementWindowDays Integer Number of days to use as the conversion attribution window for an engagement action.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。1, 7, 30, 60

ViewWindowDays Integer Number of days to use as the conversion attribution window for a view action.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。1, 7, 30, 60

ConversionReportTime Integer The date by which the conversion metrics returned from this endpoint will be reported.


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