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Get user pins.

Table Specific Information


The Pinterest allows only a small subset of columns to be used in the WHERE clause of a SELECT query to processed on the server side. These columns can typically be used with only the equals(=) comparison. The available columns for Pins are Id, BoardId, BoardURL. For example:

SELECT * FROM Pins WHERE Id = '661536632745205886'

SELECT * FROM Pins WHERE BoardId = '661536701453532539'



Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The unique string of numbers and letters that identifies the Pin on Pinterest.
CreatorURL String Creator profile url.
CreatorFirstName String Creator First Name.
CreatorLastName String Creater Last Name.
CreatorId String


Creater Unique Id.
URL String The URL of the Pin on Pinterest.
MediaType String The media type of the Pin.
CreatedAt Datetime The date the Pin was created.
OriginalLink String The Original Link of the Pin.
Note String The user-entered description of the Pin.
Color String The dominant color of the Pin image in hex code format.
Link String The URL of the webpage where the Pin was created.
BoardURL String


The board URL that the Pin is on.
BoardId String


The board Id that the Pin is on.
BoardName String


The board Name that the Pin is on.
Attribution String The source data for videos, including the title, URL, provider, author name, author URL and provider name.
ImageOriginalURL String The URL of the Image.
ImageOriginalWidth Integer The Width of the Image.
ImageOriginalHeight Integer The Height of the Image.
SavesCount Integer Number of Saves.
CommentsCount Integer Number of comments.
Locale String Information on Pins locale
Title String Information on pins title
SiteName String Information on pins site name
Description String Information on pins description
Favicon String Pin favicon

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Build 20.0.7745