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Retrieves all Azure AD user accounts within the authenticated permissions.

Table Specific Information

Users require Administrator permissions. To work with them, you must create your own custom OAuth App and set the appropriate OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret. In this app, you must configure it to request the User.Read.All permission. This can be done at https://apps.dev.microsoft.com, or in the App Registrations panel at http://portal.azure.com. See Custom Credentials for more details on creating a custom app.

To authorize User permissions, an administrator must grant the Users permissions for your organization at large. This can be done via the administrator authorization endpoint. Simply have the administrator navigate to the following web page and grant permissions. Then run the OAuth authorization as normal afterwards.



Most filters are handled server side, but the specific field of Id will change the endpoint we use to retrieve the data. It must be specified with an '=' or IN condition. For example:

SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Id = '616391f0-32d8-4127-8f25-aa55771d6617'
SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Id IN ('616391f0-32d8-4127-8f25-aa55771d6617', 'dfgd4rw3-5rvg-76hy-tr5t-aa55771d6617')


Name Type Description
id [KEY] String The id of the user.
deletedDateTime Datetime The deletedDateTime of the user.
aboutMe String The aboutMe of the user.
accountEnabled Bool Indicates if accountEnabled for the user.
ageGroup String The ageGroup of the user.
assignedLicenses String The assignedLicenses of the user.
assignedPlans String The assignedPlans of the user.
birthday Datetime The birthday of the user.
businessPhones String The businessPhones of the user.
city String The city of the user.
companyName String The companyName of the user.
consentProvidedForMinor String The consentProvidedForMinor of the user.
country String The country of the user.
createdDateTime Datetime The createdDateTime of the user.
creationType String The creationType of the user.
department String The department of the user.
deviceEnrollmentLimit Int The deviceEnrollmentLimit of the user.
displayName String The displayName of the user.
employeeHireDate Datetime The employeeHireDate of the user.
employeeId String The employeeId of the user.
employeeOrgData_costCenter String The employeeOrgData_costCenter of the user.
employeeOrgData_division String The employeeOrgData_division of the user.
employeeType String The employeeType of the user.
externalUserState String The externalUserState of the user.
externalUserStateChangeDateTime Datetime The externalUserStateChangeDateTime of the user.
faxNumber String The faxNumber of the user.
givenName String The givenName of the user.
hireDate Datetime The hireDate of the user.
identities String The identities of the user.
imAddresses String The imAddresses of the user.
interests String The interests of the user.
isResourceAccount Bool Indicates if it isResourceAccount of the user.
jobTitle String The jobTitle of the user.
lastPasswordChangeDateTime Datetime The lastPasswordChangeDateTime of the user.
legalAgeGroupClassification String The legalAgeGroupClassification of the user.
licenseAssignmentStates String The licenseAssignmentStates of the user.
mail String The mail of the user.
mailboxSettings_archiveFolder String The mailboxSettings_archiveFolder of the user.
mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_externalAudience String The mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_externalAudience of the user.
mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_externalReplyMessage String The mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_externalReplyMessage of the user.
mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_internalReplyMessage String The mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_internalReplyMessage of the user.
mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_scheduledEndDateTime_dateTime Datetime The mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_scheduledEndDateTime_dateTime of the user.
mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_scheduledEndDateTime_timeZone String The mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_scheduledEndDateTime_timeZone of the user.
mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_status String The mailboxSettings_automaticRepliesSetting_status of the user.
mailboxSettings_dateFormat String The mailboxSettings_dateFormat of the user.
mailboxSettings_delegateMeetingMessageDeliveryOptions String The mailboxSettings_delegateMeetingMessageDeliveryOptions of the user.
mailboxSettings_language_displayName String The mailboxSettings_language_displayName of the user.
mailboxSettings_language_locale String The mailboxSettings_language_locale of the user.
mailboxSettings_timeFormat String The mailboxSettings_timeFormat of the user.
mailboxSettings_timeZone String The mailboxSettings_timeZone of the user.
mailboxSettings_workingHours_daysOfWeek String The mailboxSettings_workingHours_daysOfWeek of the user.
mailboxSettings_workingHours_endTime Time The mailboxSettings_workingHours_endTime of the user.
mailboxSettings_workingHours_startTime Time The mailboxSettings_workingHours_startTime of the user.
mailboxSettings_workingHours_timeZone_name String The mailboxSettings_workingHours_timeZone_name of the user.
mailNickname String The mailNickname of the user.
mobilePhone String The mobilePhone of the user.
mySite String The mySite of the user.
officeLocation String The officeLocation of the user.
onPremisesDistinguishedName String The onPremisesDistinguishedName of the user.
onPremisesDomainName String The onPremisesDomainName of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute1 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute1 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute10 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute10 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute11 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute11 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute12 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute12 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute13 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute13 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute14 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute14 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute15 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute15 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute2 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute2 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute3 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute3 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute4 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute4 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute5 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute5 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute6 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute6 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute7 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute7 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute8 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute8 of the user.
onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute9 String The onPremisesExtensionAttributes_extensionAttribute9 of the user.
onPremisesImmutableId String The onPremisesImmutableId of the user.
onPremisesLastSyncDateTime Datetime The onPremisesLastSyncDateTime of the user.
onPremisesProvisioningErrors String The onPremisesProvisioningErrors of the user.
onPremisesSamAccountName String The onPremisesSamAccountName of the user.
onPremisesSecurityIdentifier String The onPremisesSecurityIdentifier of the user.
onPremisesSyncEnabled Bool Indicates onPremisesSyncEnabled for the user.
onPremisesUserPrincipalName String The onPremisesUserPrincipalName of the user.
otherMails String The otherMails of the user.
passwordPolicies String The passwordPolicies of the user.
passwordProfile_forceChangePasswordNextSignIn Bool Indicate passwordProfile_forceChangePasswordNextSignIn for the user.
passwordProfile_forceChangePasswordNextSignInWithMfa Bool Indicate passwordProfile_forceChangePasswordNextSignInWithMfa for the user.
passwordProfile_password String The passwordProfile_password of the user.
pastProjects String The pastProjects of the user.
postalCode String The postalCode of the user.
preferredLanguage String The preferredLanguage of the user.
preferredName String The preferredName of the user.
provisionedPlans String The provisionedPlans of the user.
proxyAddresses String The proxyAddresses of the user.
responsibilities String The responsibilities of the user.
schools String The schools of the user.
showInAddressList Bool Indicate showInAddressList of the user.
signInSessionsValidFromDateTime Datetime The signInSessionsValidFromDateTime of the user.
skills String The skills of the user.
state String The state of the user.
streetAddress String The streetAddress of the user.
surname String The surname of the user.
usageLocation String The usageLocation of the user.
userPrincipalName String The userPrincipalName of the user.
userType String The userType of the user.
ParentReference String The ParentReference of the user.

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