SSIS Components for OneNote

Build 21.0.7930

Using the Destination Component

After Establishing a Connection to the data source, add the CData OneNote destination component to the workflow to load data into OneNote.

Writing to OneNote in a Data Flow

Follow the steps below to connect to OneNote and update data.

  1. In the SSIS Toolbox, drag the CData OneNote destination component into the Data Flow Task.
  2. Connect the output of a source component to the CData OneNote destination component.
  3. Double-click the CData OneNote destination component. The CData OneNote Destination Editor dialog will display.
  4. In the Connection Managers menu, select an available CData OneNote connection manager, or create a new instance if one is not already available.
  5. In the "Use a Table" option, select the table to update.
  6. Select the data manipulation action. See below for more information on each action.
  7. On the Mappings tab, configure the mappings from source to destination. By default, outputs from the source component will automatically be mapped with the same name as the columns in the table you selected. You can further update these selections.

Note: Read-only columns will not be visible among the destination columns since they cannot be written to.

Command Execution

When you execute the data flow, the component will execute one of the following operations to update the destination table.


The component will take the mapped values and attempt to insert the data as new rows into the table. By setting the OutputKey property to True in the destination component's properties, you can retrieve the results of the insert in the error output of the component with the 'Redirect row' error behavior.

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Build 21.0.7930