CData Python Connector for OneNote

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Retrieves all SectionGroups accross notebooks for the authenticated user.

Table Specific Information


Most filters are handled server side, but the specific fields of Id, UserId, GroupId and ParentNotebookId will change the endpoint we use to retrieve the data. They must be specified with an '=' or IN condition. For example:

SELECT * FROM SectionGroups WHERE Id = '1-56e2fc02-f3dd-4f82-82fb-519bc4807935'
SELECT * FROM SectionGroups WHERE ParentNotebookId = '1-2342423-1234-3424-82fb-519bc4807935'
SELECT * FROM SectionGroups WHERE Id IN ('1-56e2fc02-f3dd-4f82-82fb-519bc4807935','1-sdcgw3324-f3dd-5678-derf-519bc4807935')
SELECT * FROM SectionGroups WHERE ParentNotebookId IN ('1-56e2fc02-f3dd-4f82-82fb-519bc4807935','1-sdcgw3324-f3dd-5678-derf-519bc4807935')
SELECT * FROM SectionGroups WHERE UserId = '9525a3f1-aa40-4f17-a97b-68606d118adf'
SELECT * FROM SectionGroups WHERE GroupId = '044d385d-6ca8-4d81-800d-223124b651db'


The columns required to perform an Insert operation on SectionGroups table is DisplayName and ParentNotebookId. If the INSERT operation is done on behalf of a group or user then UserId or GroupId should also be specified. The following examples illustrate an Insert operation on SectionGroups:

INSERT INTO SectionGroups (DisplayName, ParentNotebookId) VALUES ('Getting started','1-5c57790b-73c3-4996-940e-07c3f2157571')
INSERT INTO SectionGroups (DisplayName, ParentNotebookId, UserId) VALUES ('Getting started','1-5c57790b-73c3-4996-940e-07c3f2157571', '9525a3f1-aa40-4f17-a97b-68606d118adf')
INSERT INTO SectionGroups (DisplayName, ParentNotebookId, GroupId) VALUES ('Getting started','1-5c57790b-73c3-4996-940e-07c3f2157571', '044d385d-6ca8-4d81-800d-223124b651db')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
id [KEY] String True

The id of the section group.

self String False

The self of the section group.

createdDateTime Datetime False

The createdDateTime of the section group.

createdBy_application_displayName String False

The createdBy_application_displayName of the section group.

createdBy_application_id String False

The createdBy_application_id of the section group.

displayName String False

The displayName of the section group.

lastModifiedBy_application_displayName String False

The lastModifiedBy_application_displayName of the section group.

lastModifiedBy_application_id String False

The lastModifiedBy_application_id of the section group.

lastModifiedDateTime Datetime False

The lastModifiedDateTime of the section group.

sectionGroupsUrl String False

The sectionGroupsUrl of the section group.

sectionsUrl String False

The sectionsUrl of the section group.

ParentNotebookId String False

The ParentNotebookId of the section group.

ParentSectionGroupId String False

The ParentSectionGroupId of the section group.

createdBy_user_displayName String False

The createdBy_user_displayName of the section group.

createdBy_user_id String False

The createdBy_user_id of the section group.

UserId String False

The userId that the authenticated user is impersonating.

GroupId String False

The groupId that the authenticated user is impersonating.

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Build 21.0.7930