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Retrieves all Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) groups, which can be Office 365 groups, or security groups.

Table Specific Information

Groups require Administrator permissions. To work with them, you must create your own custom OAuth App and set the appropriate OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret. In this app, you must configure it to request the Group.Read.All permission. This can be done at, or in the App Registrations panel at See Custom Credentials for more details on creating a custom app.

To authorize Groups permissions, an administrator must grant the Groups permissions for your organization at large. This can be done via the administrator authorization endpoint. Simply have the administrator navigate to the following web page and grant permissions. Then run the OAuth authorization as normal afterwards.[YourClientId]&redirect_uri=http://localhost:33333


Most filters are handled server side, but the specific field of Id will change the endpoint we use to retrieve the data. It must be specified with an '=' or IN condition. For example:

SELECT * FROM Groups WHERE Id = '616391f0-32d8-4127-8f25-aa55771d6617'
SELECT * FROM Groups WHERE Id IN ('616391f0-32d8-4127-8f25-aa55771d6617', 'dfgd4rw3-5rvg-76hy-tr5t-aa55771d6617')


Name Type Description
ParentReference String The Parent Reference of the group.
id [KEY] String The Id of the group.
deletedDateTime Datetime The datetime when the group was deleted.
allowExternalSenders Bool The indicator showing if external senders should be allowed or not.
assignedLabels String The assigned labels of the group
assignedLicenses String The assigned licenses of the group.
autoSubscribeNewMembers Bool The indicator showing if new members should be autosubscribed.
classification String The classification of the group.
createdDateTime Datetime The created DateTime of the group.
description String The description of the group.
displayName String The display name of the group.
expirationDateTime Datetime The expiration datetime of the group.
groupTypes String The types of the group.
hasMembersWithLicenseErrors Bool Indicator if there are members with license error.
hideFromAddressLists Bool The hide From AddressLists of the group.
hideFromOutlookClients Bool The hide From OutlookClients of the group.
isArchived Bool Indicator if group is archived.
isSubscribedByMail Bool Indicator if group is subscribed by email.
licenseProcessingState_state String The license processing state of the group.
mail String The mail of the group.
mailEnabled Bool Indicator if mail is enabled in the group.
mailNickname String The mail nickname of the group.
membershipRule String The membership rule of the group.
membershipRuleProcessingState String The membership rule processing state of the group.
onPremisesDomainName String The domain name of the group.
onPremisesLastSyncDateTime Datetime The LastSync DateTime of the group.
onPremisesNetBiosName String The Net Bios Name of the group.
onPremisesProvisioningErrors String The provisioning errors of the group.
onPremisesSamAccountName String The Sam Account Name of the group.
onPremisesSecurityIdentifier String The security identifier of the group.
onPremisesSyncEnabled Bool Indicator if sync is enabled in the group.
preferredDataLocation String The preferred data location of the group.
preferredLanguage String preferred language in the group.
proxyAddresses String The proxy addresses of the group.
renewedDateTime Datetime The renewed DateTime of the group.
securityEnabled Bool Indicator if security is enabled in the group.
securityIdentifier String The security identifier of the group.
theme String The theme of the group.
unseenCount Int The unseen count of the group.
visibility String The visibility of the group.

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Build 21.0.7930