TDV Adapter for MYOB

Build 22.0.8462


Supplier payment items for an AccountRight company file.

Table Specific Information


The adapter will process all filters client side.


Name Type Description
SupplierPaymentID [KEY] Uuid Unique identifier in the form of a guid.
AmountApplied Double Amount applied to the purchase bill or order.
Type String Purchase type, can consist of the following: Bill, Order.
PurchaseID Uuid Unique guid identifier belonging to the supplier purchase bill or order.
PurchaseNumber String Purchase bill/order number.
PurchaseURI String Uniform resource identifier associated with the purchase bill/order object.
RowID Integer Sequence of the entry within the supplier payment set.
RowVersion String Incrementing number that can be used for change control but does does not preserve a date or a time.
CompanyFileId String The ID of the company file. Takes precedence over the CompanyFileId connection property.

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Build 22.0.8462