TDV Adapter for MYOB

Build 22.0.8462


Return an inventoried item location information.


Name Type Description
ID [KEY] Uuid Unique location identifier in the form of a guid.
AddressCity String City of address Record.
AddressContactName String ContactName on Address record.
AddressCountry String Country of the Location for adress Record.
AddressEmail String Email contact of address record.
AddressFax String Fax number of address record.
AddressLocation Integer One location can have one address.
AddressPhone1 String Phone number 1 of address record.
AddressPhone2 String Phone number 2 of address record.
AddressPhone3 String Phone number 3 of address record.
AddressPostCode String Post Code of address record.
AddressSalutation String Salutation text for address record.
AddressState String State of Address record.
AddressStreet String Full content of address field.
AddressWebsite String World wide Webaddress for contact.
CanSell Boolean True indicates items inventoried in the location can be sold,False indicates items inventoried in the location can not be sold
DisplayID String
Identifier String Identifier of the location.
IsActive Boolean True indicates location is active,False indicates location is inactive.
IsIndividual Boolean
Name String Name for an induvidual location.
Notes String Notes for the location.
RowVersion String Number value that changes upon a record update, can be used for change control but does does not preserve a date or a time.
URI String Uniform resource identifier encompasses all types of names and addresses that refer to objects on the web.

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Build 22.0.8462