TDV Adapter for MYOB

Build 22.0.8462


Return, create and delete credit notes refunded to customers for an AccountRight company file.

Table Specific Information


MYOB allows a subset of columns to be used in the WHERE clause of a SELECT query. These columns may be used with the following operators: =, !=, >, <, >=, <=. In addition, queries with multiple criterias can be executed by combining the criteria with AND and OR operators. These columns support the above comparison types for server side filtering: ID, Date, DeliveryStatus, Memo, Number, Payee, Amount, ChequePrinted, AccountID, AccountDisplayID, AccountName, CustomerID, CustomerDisplayID, CustomerName, InvoiceID, InvoiceNumber. All the other columns and operators are processed client side.

SELECT * FROM CreditRefunds WHERE ID = "6d35e53a-5070-432d-b9ec-f4791e353352
SELECT * FROM CreditRefunds WHERE AccountName = "AccountName"
SELECT * FROM CreditRefunds WHERE Amount = 340.44


The following attributes are required when performing an insert: Date, Amount, AccountID, CustomerID, InvoiceID.

INSERT INTO CreditRefunds(Date, Amount, AccountID, CustomerID, InvoiceID) VALUES("01/02/2019", 54, "3a35e83a-5070-432d-b6ec-f4791f353352", "2619bed9-3750-45b5-b353-18f5651beb01", "f6703af2-7494-4ecc-b0f6-b2bb9c813782")


Name Type ReadOnly Description
ID [KEY] Uuid True

Unique identifier in the form of a guid.

Date Datetime False

Transaction date.

DeliveryStatus String False

Remittance advise delivery status assigned to credit note: Print = ToBePrinted, Email = ToBeEmailed, PrintAndEmail = ToBePrintedAndEmailed, Nothing = AlreadyPrintedOrSent.

Memo String False

Memo text describing the credit refund.

Number String False

Sales invoice number

Payee String False

Payee address on the credit note belonging to the customer contact.

Amount Decimal False

Total credit amount to be refunded, can be equal to or less than the invoice amount.

ChequePrinted Boolean False

True or false.

RowVersion String True

Number value that changes upon a record update, can be used for change control but does does not preserve a date or a time.

URI String True

Uniform resource identifier encompasses all types of names and addresses that refer to objects on the web.

AccountID Uuid True

Unique identifier for the account in the form of a guid.

AccountDisplayID String True

Account code. Format includes separator ie 4-1100

AccountName String True

Name of the account.

AccountURI String True

Uniform resource identifier associated with the account object.

CustomerID Uuid True

Unique guid identifier belonging to the assigned customer contact.

CustomerDisplayID String True

Customer contact Card ID, can also be used as a unique customer contact identifier.

CustomerName String True

Name of the customer contact.

CustomerURI String True

Uniform resource identifier associated with the customer contact object.

InvoiceID Uuid False

Unique identifier in the form of a guid.

InvoiceNumber String True

Invoice number.

InvoiceURI String True

Uniform resource identifier associated with the invoice.

CompanyFileId String True

The ID of the company file. Takes precedence over the CompanyFileId connection property.

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Build 22.0.8462