TDV Adapter for Asana

Build 21.0.8137


The adapter models the data in Asana into a list of tables that can be queried using standard SQL statements.

Generally, querying Asana tables is the same as querying a table in a relational database. Sometimes there are special cases, for example, including a certain column in the WHERE clause might be required to get data for certain columns in the table. This is typically needed for situations where a separate request must be made for each row to get certain columns. These types of situations are clearly documented at the top of the table page linked below.

Asana Adapter Tables

Name Description
Attachments To Delete and Query from the Attachments in the tasks
PortfolioItems To Create, delete, and Query Items in the Portfolio.
PortfolioMembership To Create, Delete and Query memberships in the Portfolio
Portfolios To Create, update, delete, and query from Portfolios table.
ProjectMembership To Create, Delete and Query memberships in the Project
Projects To Create, Update, Delete and Query the Projects table
ProjectStatuses To Create, Delete and Query from ProjectStatuses table. A project status is an update on the progress of a particular project, and is sent out to all project followers when created.
Sections To Create, Update, Delete, and Query from Sections table. A section is a subdivision of a project that groups tasks together.
Stories To Create, Update, Delete and Query from stories table. A story represents an activity associated with an object in the Asana system. Stories are generated by the system whenever users take actions such as creating or assigning tasks, or moving tasks between projects.
SubTasks To Create, update, delete, and query from SubTasks table.
Tags To Create, Update and Query from Tags table. A tag is a label that can be attached to any task in Asana. It exists in a single workspace.
Tasks To Create, Update, Delete and Query from Tasks table.
TeamMembership To represents a users connection to a team.
Teams A team is used to group related projects and people together within an organization. Each project in an organization is associated with a team.
WorkspaceMembership To Create, Delete and Query memberships in the Workspace
Workspaces To Update and Query from Workspaces table. A workspace is the highest-level organizational unit in Asana. All projects and tasks have an associated workspace.

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Build 21.0.8137