JDBC Driver for EdgarOnline

Build 20.0.7655


Query from the Ownership-Issues resource.


Name Type Description
RowNumber Int
CompanyId Int
IssueID Int
CUSIP String
CompanyName String
isPrimary Bool
ActiveOnly Bool
Ticker String
ExchangeID Int
Exchange String
CIK String
IndustryID Int
Industry String
SectorID Int
Sector String
City String
State String
Zip String
isDeleted Bool
ModifiedSince Date
MarketOperator String
MarketOperatorId Int
MarketTier String
MarketTierId Int
CompanyName_UPPER String
CompanyNameShort_UPPER String
Ticker_UPPER String
Exchange_UPPER String
Industry_UPPER String
IndustryShort_UPPER String
Sector_UPPER String
SectorShort_UPPER String
City_UPPER String
State_UPPER String
Zip_UPPER String
MarketOperator_UPPER String
MarketOperatorShort_UPPER String
MarketTier_UPPER String
MarketTierShort_UPPER String
country String
NumberNewHolders Int
Price Float
sharesOut Float
Street2 String
sharesOutDate Datetime
PhoneCountryCode String
NumSellers Int
NumberSellOuts Int
QueryDate Datetime
PhoneAreaCode String
SICDescription String
PriceDate Datetime
PhoneNumber String
sharesHeld Float
Street1 String
NumHolders Int
NumBuyers Int
issueTitle String


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
markettiers String parameter to filter the result set by MarketTier
marketoperators String parameter to filter the result set by MarketOperator

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Build 20.0.7655