ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve time sheet deductions for buyers using the Deduction Buyer Download connector.


Name Type Description
Supplier Code String Fieldglass Supplier Code
Supplier Name String Fieldglass Supplier Name
Time Sheet ID String Fieldglass Time Sheet ID of time sheet with deductions
Time Sheet Status String Indicates status of time sheet with deductions
Time Sheet Start Date Date Start Date of Time Sheet
Worker First Name String Worker's First Name
Worker Last Name String Worker's Last Name
Worker ID String Fieldglass Worker ID
Job Seeker ID String Fieldglass Job Seeker ID
Currency String Currency in which billable amount is to be paid
Cost Center String Cost Center Code for the deduction
Deduction Name String Indicates name of deduction
Deduction Code String Indicates deduction code
Comments String Comments associated with deduction
Deduction Amount Decimal Amount of deduction on the time sheet
Invoice Amount Decimal Amount invoiced on the time sheet

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Build 23.0.8839