ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve worker roles in all statuses using the SOW Worker Role Download connector.


Name Type Description
Code String SOW Worker role code.
Name String SOW Worker role name.
Description String Description of SOW worker role
ONET Code String The ONET code of the job description.
Equipment String Indicates equipment flag on team member role.
Use Fees for Billing String Fee line item can be used for billing purpose / invoicing. Only applicable if SOW has fees.
Rate Grid String Indicates if rate grid needs to be applied. If 'Enable Rates 2.0' is enabled, this field does not appear.
Job Code String Indicates job code associated with SOW worker role.
Associate to all Suppliers who service SOW String Indicates if role can be associated to all SOW suppliers. If not entered, this field defaults to No.
Modification Type String A = Adds Worker Role. U = Updates Worker Role D = Deletes Worker Role.

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Build 23.0.8839