ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve site codes using the Site Download connector.


Name Type Description
Code String Code for the site. The code must be unique for each site.
Name String Name of the site.
Currency String Currency code for currency related to the site. In the event that multiple currencies are to be associated to a site, they may all be entered here, delimited by a tilde '~'. To associate to all enabled SAP Fieldglass currencies, you may enter [ALL].
Parent Site String Site code of parent site.
Selectable Site? String Sets the 'Can Select' flag to true or false. Yes = True No = False
Corporate Calendar String Name of the corporate calendar used by the site.
Description String Optional text description of the site.
Address 1 String Line 1 of the site's address.
Address 2 String Line 2 of the site's address.
City String City where the site is located.
State/Province String State/Province where the site is located.
Allow Candidate Anonymity? String Yes - Candidate Anonymity Flag is set to True. No/Blank - Candidate Anonymity Flag is set to False.
Legal Entity Code String Legal entities allow buyers to establish relationships between various data entry elements (such as business units, cost centers, task codes, and users) in the SAP Fieldglass application. The Legal Entity field appears only when the Legal Entity has been enabled in the company configuration. If the Legal Entity Association is set to All, this field will show 'ALL' instead of actual Legal Entities in the download.
Country String ISO Country Code for the country where the site is located.
ZIP/Postal Code String Zip Code/Postal Code of the site. Required if Country=USA.
Market Type String The market type to which this site should be associated. This field is displayed only if the Rate Guidance company configuration option is enabled. When creating or editing a site, the market type is used to manually rank sites into groups with similar Cost of Living Indexes (COLI). If the market type is left blank, the system will use the site's ZIP code to determine the site's COLI by mapping the ZIP code to the COLI table. Sites with ZIP codes found in the COLI table are mapped to one of four market ranges: A, B, C, or D. Some ZIP codes within the U.S., and all areas outside the U.S., are not included in the COLI table. For these sites, the only way to establish COLI information is to manually rank the site using market type. When a site has been ranked, rate guidance information can be populated.
Hours per Day Decimal Standard hours worked per day at the Site.
Hours per Week Decimal Standard hours worked per week at the Site.
Invoice Tax Information Required? String Yes - Invoice Tax Information Required Flag is on site, but not mandatory. No/Blank - Flag does not appear on site.
Invoice Tax Information Code String Invoice Tax Information code created by buyer. This field is mandatory when the site has workers and the buyer selects ITI required 'Yes' while downloaded. This field is non-mandatory when the buyer is creating a new site or on a site that does not have any workers.
Original Code String Original code for this site in the ERP instance from which the site originates. Multiple sites may have the same Original Code. If a company does not use multiple ERP instances, this field should be left blank.
Modification Type String A - Add

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Build 23.0.8839