ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve service receipts that are in Pending Approval, Approval Paused, Rejected and/or Approved status using the Service Receipt Download connector.


Name Type Description
Service Receipt ID String Service receipt reference ID.
Create Date Date Date the time journal was created.
Buyer String Name of buyer associated to the time journal.
Buyer Code String Buyer code associated to the time journal.
Time Journal Amount Decimal Service receipt time journal amount.
Time Journal Cost Center String Service receipt time journal cost center code.
Time Journal Hours Decimal Service receipt time journal hours.
Service Receipt Amount Decimal Total service receipt amount inclusive of all time journals This value repeats for each line of the service receipt that appears in this download.
Supplier String Name of supplier associated to the time journal.
Supplier Code String Supplier code associated to the time journal.
Assignment ID String Reference ID for the associated assignment.
Assignment Type String Assignment type of the associated assignment.
Assignment String Name of the associated assignment.
Site String Site name.
Business Unit String Business unit associated with the assignment.
Status String Status of the time journal.
PO Number String Assignment purchase order number.
Line Item Number String Assignment line item number.
[s]Time Journal Segment Name String Any user selectable segment associated with Time Journal. The Segment Name should contain an [s] before the name. The Data Set company configuration must be enabled to view this field. Valid values of the user selectable segments are picked up from the Time Journal.
Job Code String Job code on the time journal
Currency String Currency associated with the time journal
External Reference ID String External reference ID.
Time Journal Date Date Date of the time journal.

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Build 23.0.8839