ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve rate component groups using the Rate Component Group Download connector.


Name Type Description
Code String Unique Code for the Rate Component Group.
Name String Name of the Rate Component Group.
Description String Optional Description of the Rate Component Group.
Use Admin Structure Flag String Rate Component Group structure is copied from admin when Work Order, Work Order Revision, Statement of Work, SOW Revision, or Add SOW Worker is created. This is independent of the flags on the rate components which affect the value of the components. Default is No.
Rate Component Code String Indicates Rate Component Codes associated with Rate Component Group.
Level Int Indicates sequence rate component code should be applied in group.
Non-Taxable String Indicate if rate component code is taxable or not. Default is No.
Component Limit Decimal Pay and bill rate should be calculated using rate component limit. Default is zero.
MSP Code String MSP Company code associated with rate component group.

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Build 23.0.8839