ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve rate codes using the Rate Code Download connector.


Name Type Description
RateCode String Unique SAP Fieldglass Rate Code.
Name String Name of Rate Code.
Description String Description of Rate Code.
RateCategory String Rate Category assigned to the Rate.
Currency String Currency assigned to the Rate.
Rate Unit String Unit of measure for the Rate.
Min Rate Decimal Minimum Rate.
Max Rate Decimal Maximum Rate.
Minimum Pay Rate Decimal Minimum pay Rate.
Maximum Pay Rate Decimal Maximum pay Rate.
Rate Type String Type of Rate.
Allow Supplier to edit Rate Factor String Applicable only for Rate Type of 'Factor'. If not Rate Type of 'Factor', this field will show blank.
Markup % Decimal Markup percentage for rates of type Markup. If another Rate type, value will be 0.
Factor Decimal Factor to apply to base rate for the Rate. If Rate is not a Factor, then value will be 0.
Base Rate Category String For Rates of type Factor, this is the Rate Code of the Rate to which the Factor will be applied to calculate this Rate. Example: In a common scenario where Over Time is paid at 1.5 times that of Straight Time; OT may have a Factor of 1.5, which is applied to its base Rate of ST.
Can be used as replacement rate String Indicates rate can be used as replacement for rate types Rate, Factor, and Rate - Calculated rate. Company configuration 'Allow Supplier To Specify Payment Currency' must be enabled. Required if Modification Type = A and rate type is Rate, Rate - Calculated or Factor. Rate Code is created only if Currency, Rate Category, UOM, Rate Type combination doesn't already exist.

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Build 23.0.8839