ODBC Driver for SAP Fieldglass

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve approved expense sheets using the Approved Expense Sheet Download connector.


Name Type Description
Buyer Name String Buyer Company Name
Buyer Code String Fieldglass Buyer Code
Supplier Name String Supplier Name
Supplier Code String Fieldglass Supplier Code
Account Name String Fieldglass Account Name
Account Code String Fieldglass Account Code
Remit To Address Code String Supplier's Remit To Address Code associated to the Worker.
Job Posting Owner String Display Name of the Job Posting Owner
Work Order ID String Fieldglass Work Order ID
Worker ID String Fieldglass Worker ID
Job Seeker ID String Fieldglass Job Seeker ID of the Worker.
Worker Last Name String Worker's Last Name
Worker First Name String Worker's First Name
Site Code String Fieldglass Site Code
Site Name String Fieldglass Site Name
Business Unit Code String Fieldglass Business Unit Code
Business Unit Name String Fieldglass Business Unit Name
Final Approver First Name String Fieldglass Final Approver First Name. Will be blank if no approvals were necessary.
Final Approver Last Name String Fieldglass Final Approver Last Name. Will be blank if no approvals were necessary.
Final Approver Employee ID String Fieldglass Final Approver Employee ID Will be blank if no approvals were necessary or if no Employee ID exists on the Approvers User Profile.
Final Approver Email String Fieldglass Approver Email Address. Will be blank if no approvals were necessary.
Expense Sheet ID String Fieldglass Expense Sheet ID
Expense Sheet Status String Expense Sheet Status
Expense Sheet Submit Date Date Date and time the expense sheet was submitted in SAP Fieldglass.
Expense Sheet Approved Date Date Date and time the expense sheet received final approval. If no approval was necessary, then date will equal the Submit date.
Expense Entry Date Date Date the expense item was incurred.
Cost Center Code String Fieldglass Cost Center Code
Cost Center Name String Fieldglass Cost Center Name
Expense Code String Fieldglass Expense Code representing the expense incurred.
Expense Name String Fieldglass Expense Code Name representing the expense incurred.
General Ledger Account Code String General Ledger Account Code associated to the Expense Code. This field is mutually exclusive with Segmented Object Detail.
Segmented Object Detail String Segmented Object Detail string. Segments will be separated by delimiter on the Segmented Object. Valid delimiters are colon (:), semi-colon (;), pipe (|) and dash (-) Required if 'Enable Segmented Object Detail' configuration set. This field is mutually exclusive with GL Account fields More than one string can appear for a cost center.
Merchant String Name of the merchant to whom the expense was paid.
Description String Description of the expense.
Units Int Units of the expense incurred. When the Expense Code is related to an Expense Type associated with Units, values will represent the unit of the Expense Type. If Expense Code is not unit based, 0 will be displayed.
Rate Decimal If an Expense Type is associated to the Expense Code, then the rate will represent the pre-configured Expense Type Rate, otherwise the value will be 0.
Billable Amount Decimal Billable amount of the expense.
Non-billable Amount Decimal The non-billable amount of the expense.
Currency String Three-character code for the currency associated with the expense.
Invoice ID String Invoice ID associated with the Expense Sheet. If auto invoicing is enabled for expense sheets, then Approved Expenses will always have a corresponding Invoice ID. If auto invoicing is not enabled, Invoice IDs will be populated only if the supplier and/or MSP have generated invoices from the approved expenses prior to the download occurring.
MSP % Int MSP's percentage for the expenses.
Revision String Expense Sheet Revision/ Sequence.Company configuration 'Allow Submission of Revised Expense Sheets' must be enabled.
Original Expense Sheet ID String Parent Expense Sheet ID.Company configuration 'Allow Submission of Revised Expense Sheets' must be enabled.
Adjustment Name String Expense Code Adjustment Name
Adjustment % Decimal Expense Code Adjustment percentage.
Expense Amount Decimal Adjustment value without taxes applied.
Expense Total Decimal Adjustment value with taxes applied.
Account Category String Identifies the type of Cost Center.

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Build 23.0.8839