TDV Adapter for EpicorERP

Build 21.0.8137

Basic Tab

To successfully connect to your ERP instance, you must specify the following connection properties:

  • Url, set this to the url of the server hosting your ERP instance. For example,
  • ERPInstance, set this to the name of your ERP instance.
  • User, set this to the username of your account.
  • Password, set this to the password of your account.
  • Service, set this to the service you want to retrieve data from. For example, BaqSvc.

In addition, you may also set the optional connection properties:

  • ApiKey, An optional key that may be required for connection to some services depending on your account configuration.
  • ApiVersion, Defaults to v1. May be set to v2 to use the newer Epicor API.
  • Company, Required if you set the ApiVersion to v2.

Authenticating using OpenID Connect with the Azure AD Authentication Provider

OpenID Connect with Azure AD is a connection type that goes through OAuth. Set the AuthScheme to AzureADOpenID and see Using OAuth Authentication for an authentication guide.

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Build 21.0.8137