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The Locks resource provides methods that allow you to manage locks on an envelope or template.

View Specific Information

In order to make a successful request on this view, you have to specify:

  • Type - Possible options are envelopes or templates.
  • Id - Id of the envelope or template.

For example:

SELECT * FROM Locks WHERE Type = 'templates' AND Id = '22093429-0c89-47d3-a984-8b919768b963'
SELECT * FROM Locks WHERE Type = 'envelopes' AND Id = '03ea05dc-b5ba-45d2-8b0c-3bf0f5ae8d59'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String

Envelopes.EnvelopeId or Templates.TemplateId

Id of the Envelope or Template.
Type String Specifies where the tab is applied. Possible options are envelopes or templates
LockedByUserName String Name of the user.
LockedByUserId String The user ID of the user being accessed.
LockedByUserEmail String Email of the user.
LockedByUri String Uri of the user.
LockedByApp String Specifies the friendly name of the application that is locking the envelope.
LockType String The type of envelope lock. Currently
LockToken String A unique identifier provided to the owner of the envelope lock. Used to prove ownership of the lock.
LockedUntilDateTime Datetime The datetime until the envelope lock expires.
LockDurationInSeconds String Sets the time, in seconds, until the lock expires when there is no activity on the envelope.
UseScratchPad String Indicates whether a scratchpad is used for editing information.

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