ODBC Driver for DocuSign

Build 23.0.8839

From Access

You can use the CData ODBC Driver for DocuSign to import data into an Access table and to create a linked table.

Import a Table into Access

To import a table into Access:

  1. Select External Data > ODBC Database from the ribbon. This opens the ODBC Database wizard. Select the option to import the source data into a new table in the current database.
  2. Select the CData DocuSign data source from the Machine Data Source tab.
  3. Select the tables to import into Access.

Importing data into Access is a one-time import.; This means that any changes made to the Access table will not be reflected back to the main data source and vice versa. Use linked tables if you want the changes to propagate back to the data source.

Link a Table in Access

To link a table in Access to a table in DocuSign:

  1. Select External Data > ODBC Data sources from the ribbon.
  2. Select the option to link to the data source by creating a linked table.
  3. On the next page of the wizard, select the CData DocuSign data source in the Machine Data Source tab.

Once you select the correct data source, you will be presented with a list of tables. Here, you can select a table that you want as a linked table in Access. The linked table will always have fresh data and any changes made to it will be reflected back to the underlying table in DocuSign.

Limitations in Access

There are a few limitations with using the driver from Access in linked mode.

Inserting a new row may result in Access showing a new row with a value of #deleted for all of its fields. This is because Access is unable to select the recently inserted row correctly. The row was created, which a refresh will verify. Optionally, you can also set the MaximumColumnSize to less than 255, which will allow Access to select the inserted row.

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Build 23.0.8839