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The Recipients resource allows you manage the recipients of an envelope or template.

View Specific Information

In order to make a successful request on this view, you have to specify:

  • Type - Possible options are envelopes or templates.
  • Id - Id of the envelope or template.

For example:

SELECT * FROM Recipients WHERE Type = 'templates' AND Id = '22093429-0c89-47d3-a984-8b919768b963'
SELECT * FROM Recipients WHERE Type = 'envelopes' AND Id = '03ea05dc-b5ba-45d2-8b0c-3bf0f5ae8d59'


Name Type References Description
Type String Specifies where the tab is applied. Possible options are envelopes or templates
Id String Id of the Envelope or Template.
RecipientId [KEY] Integer Unique Id for the recipient.
RecipientIdGuid String Id guid of the recipient.
RecipientType String Type of the recipient.
UserId String The user ID of the user being accessed.
Name String Name of the recipient.
Email String Email of the recipient.
RoleName String Optional element. Specifies the role name associated with the recipient.
Note String A note sent to the recipient in the signing email. This note is unique to this recipient.
CreationReason String Reason of the creation.
ClientUserId String Specifies whether the recipient is embedded or remote. If the clientUserId property is not null then the recipient is embedded. Use this field to associate the signer with their userId in your app. Authenticating the user is the responsibility of your app when you use embedded signing.
AccessCode String If a value is provided, the recipient must enter the value as the access code to view and sign the envelope.
RequireIdLookup Boolean When set to true, the recipient is required to use the specified ID check method (including Phone and SMS authentication) to validate their identity.
DeliveryMethod String Method of the delivery.
DeliveredDateTime Datetime Date and time of the delivery.
SignedDateTime Datetime The date and time the envelope was signed.
SigningGroupId String The display Id for the signing group.
SigningGroupName String The display name for the signing group.
CanSignOffline Boolean When set to true, specifies that the signer can perform the signing ceremony offline.
Status String Recipient status.

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