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On the Services tab, configure services to proxy MySQL or SQL Server connections to ODBC drivers. To run services as Windows services, select Run as a Windows Service on the Status tab.

For additional connection settings, such as configuring TLS/SSL, see Other.

Service Settings

The following settings configure the proxy service. Note that you must have Windows administrator access because the SQL Gateway connects through system DSNs.

  • Service Name: specify the name of the database.
  • SQL Server or MySQL: select the database to emulate.
  • Data Source: select the system DSN for the ODBC data source you want to access as a SQL Server or MySQL database.
  • SSL: select this option to use TLS/SSL to encrypt client connections. You must configure TLS/SSL for SQL Server databases. See Other to configure the server certificate.
  • Port: select the port the service will listen on.
  • Expose on Gateway: enable this option to allow remote access to firewalled databases through an SSH server. You need to first configure the SSH Tunnel feature on the Tunneling tab. If the SSH server is running, the SQL Gateway automatically selects a port on the server; when connecting to the SSH server, specify the Remote Port value.

Startup Settings

Windows services have the following startup options:

  • Automatic: the service automatically starts at boot.
  • Manual: services configured for manual startup can be started manually or from an application, such as the SQL Gateway or a script.
  • Disabled: the service can only be started manually from the Services snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console or the Task Manager.
You can start Windows services from the SQL Gateway's Services tab or from the Services snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console. To load the snap-in, enter run in the Start menu and then enter services.msc.

Logging Options

Basic information about the service, such as startup and shutdown, is displayed on the Status tab.

To retrieve more verbose service-specific logs, select the Log Mode option and enable the Write Log to a File option on the service configuration dialog accessed from the Services tab.

The logging options on the Other tab log to a file when the configured services start and stop, along with any errors encountered in the SQL Gateway app itself.

Managing Incoming Connections

Advanced database connection settings, such as the idle connection timeout, are available on the Other tab.

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Build 23.0.8839