JDBC Driver for DocuSign

Build 23.0.8839


The CustomFields resource provides a method that enables you to retrieve the custom fields associated with an account.

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DocuSign does not support any column for filtering this view. All filters will be executed client side.


Name Type References Description
FieldId [KEY] Integer An ID used to specify a custom field.
Name String The name of the custom field.
CustomFieldType String Type of the custom field.
ListOfValues String Comma separated value of the .
Show Boolean A boolean indicating if the value should be displayed. If this value is set to true, the custom field is displayed at the top of the certificate of completion. If this value is left blank/ or set to false, then it does not appear in the certificate of completion.
Required Boolean When set to true, the signer is required to fill out this tab
ConfigurationType String If merge field's are being used, specifies the type of the merge field. The only supported value is salesforce.

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Build 23.0.8839