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The BulkRecipients resource provide methods that allow you manage the bulk recipient file for an envelope or template.

View Specific Information

In order to make a successful request on this view, you have to specify:

  • Type - Possible options are envelopes or templates.
  • Id - Id of the envelope or template.
  • RecipientId - Id of the recipient.

For example:

SELECT * FROM BulkRecipients WHERE Type = 'envelopes' AND Id = '764c564c-b540-42d1-a667-ccee6813ef7b' AND RecipientId = 77419544
SELECT * FROM BulkRecipients WHERE Type = 'templates' AND Id = 'd194aa0a-723e-4db9-a8be-801dffbb63ff' AND RecipientId = 75619544


Name Type References Description
Type String Specifies where the bulk is applied. Possible options are envelopes or templates
Id String Id of the Envelope or Template.
RecipientId Integer


Unique Id for the recipient.
Email String Specifies the recipient's email address.
Name String Specifies the recipient's name.
RowNumber [KEY] Integer Specifies the row number of the recipient in the list.
Note String A note sent to the recipient in the signing email. This note is unique to this recipient.
AccessCode String If a value is provided, the recipient must enter the value as the access code to view and sign the envelope.
PhoneNumber String This is only used if the Identification field value is Phone or SMS.
Identification String Specifies the authentication check used for the signer. If blank then no authentication check is required for the signer.The acceptable values are: KBA: Enables the normal ID check authentication set up for your account. Phone: Enables phone authentication. SMS: Enables SMS authentication.

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Build 22.0.8462