Excel Add-In for BigCommerce

Build 23.0.8839


Lists all Stores.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String Unique store identifier.
Domain String Primary domain name.
SecureUrl String Stores current HTTPS URL.
Status String Status of the store.
Name String Stores name.
FirstName String Primary contacts first name
LastName String Primary contacts last name
Address String Display address.
Country String Country where the store is located
CountryCode String Country code.
Phone String Display phone number.
AdminEmail String Email address of the store administrator/owner.
OrderEmail String Email address for orders and fulfillment.
FaviconUrl String URL of the favicon.
TimezoneName String A string identifying the time zone, in the format: /.
TimezoneRawOffset Integer A negative or positive number, identifying the offset from UTC/GMT, in seconds, during winter/standard time.
Language String Default language code.
Currency String Default currency code
CurrencySymbol String Default symbol for values in the currency.
DecimalSeparator String Default decimal separator for values in the currency.
ThousandsSeparator String Default thousands separator for values in the currency.
DecimalPlaces Integer Default decimal places for values in the currency.
CurrencySymbolLocation String Default position of the currency symbol (left or right).
WeightUnits String Default weight units (metric or imperial).
DimensionUnits String Default dimension units (metric or imperial).
DimensionDecimalPlaces Integer The number of decimal places.
DimensionDecimalToken String The symbol that separates the whole numbers from the decimal points.
DimensionThousandsToken String The symbol used to denote thousands.
PlanName String Name of the BigCommerce plan to which this store is subscribed.
PlanLevel String Level of the BigCommerce plan to which this store is subscribed.
Industry String Industry, or vertical category, in which the business operates.
LogoUrl String URL of the logo.
IsPriceEnteredWithTax Boolean A Boolean value that indicates whether or not prices are entered with tax.
FeaturesStencilEnabled Boolean Indicates whether a store is using a Stencil theme.
FeaturesSitewideHttpsEnabled Boolean Indicates if there is sitewide https.
FeaturesFacebookCatalogId String Id of the facebook catalog. If there is none, it returns an empty string.
FeaturesCheckoutType String What type of checkout is enabled on the store.

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Build 23.0.8839