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Returns data from Products table.

Table Specific Information


SELECT * FROM ProductOptions


To insert a new ProductOption, a set of OptionValues are required to be inserted along with it. This can be done by populating a temporary ProductOptionValues table with the desired values for the option you are creating, and later using this table as a value for the LinkedOptionValues Pseudo-Columns during insertion:

INSERT INTO ProductOptionValues#TEMP (Label, SortOrder, IsDefault) VALUES ('Classic', 0, true);
INSERT INTO ProductOptionValues#TEMP (Label, SortOrder, IsDefault) VALUES ('Elegance', 1, false);
INSERT INTO ProductOptionValues#TEMP (Label, SortOrder, IsDefault) VALUES ('Avantgarde', 2, false);
INSERT INTO ProductOptions (ProductId, DisplayName, Type, Name, SortOrder, LinkedOptionValues) VALUES (955, 'ModelSeries', 'dropdown', 'Series', 0, ProductOptionValues#TEMP);


UPDATE ProductOptions SET DisplayName='Testing123' where Id=109


DELETE FROM ProductOptions WHERE Id = 3


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Integer True

The ID of the option.

ProductId [KEY] Integer True


The ID of the product.

DisplayName String False

The name of the option shown on the storefront.

Name String False

The unique option name, auto-generated from the display name, a timestamp, and the product ID.

Type String False

The type of option, which determines how it will display on the storefront. Acceptable values: radio_buttons, rectangles, dropdown, product_list, product_list_with_images, swatch.

SortOrder Integer False

The order in which the option will be displayed on the product page.



Name Type Description
LinkedOptionValues String

Column for the aggregate table name holding option values.

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