Excel Add-In for BigCommerce

Build 23.0.8839


Returns a list of Customer Groups.

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 uses the BigCommerce API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators:

  • Id supports the '=' comparison.
  • Name supports the '=' comparison.
  • IsDefault supports the '=' comparison.
  • IsGroupForGuests supports the '=' comparison.

The rest of the filter is executed client-side within the 本製品.

For example, the following queries are processed server-side:

SELECT * FROM CustomerGroups WHERE Id = 1 

SELECT * FROM CustomerGroups WHERE IsDefault = "true"

SELECT * FROM CustomerGroups WHERE IsGroupForGuests = "true"


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Integer Id of the customer group
Name String Name of the group
IsDefault Boolean Determines whether new customers are assigned to this group by default.
CategoryAccessType String Type of the category access.
IsGroupForGuests Boolean If the groups is for guests. There can only be one customer group for guests at a time.

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Build 23.0.8839